If you don’t feel like working, this means you need to fix your body first.

Fixing your body.

First you need to take out the toxins from your body because once it happens you will automatically lose weight have greater energy levels and have much more mental clarity.

Before we move ahead lets understand what happens to the food after entering your mouth first it goes to your stomach where it gets broken down with the help of digestive fluids then moves ahead to your intestines, after absorption of nutrients finally it is excreted in the form of waste. In this process which is so complex whatever you eat vegetarian or non vegetarian food it is also a life so the cell of that life becomes cell of your body, and you might be aware that each cell of your body contains trillion times more information that your brain can carry, it has evolutionary, karmic, elementary memory  so when you eat a complex life as food the information it’s cell contains takes more time to disintegrate that data and copy your data to make it your body cell. Therefore different food takes different amount of time to finish this cycle for example fruits are simplest form of life it take 3 hours to digest them, Vegetables take 6 hours to digest, grains, meat  take 18 hours to digest. Most of us takes meals three or four times a day this means that before the last meal was digested we throw in more food to digest and its quite natural the last meal is undigested hence it does not exit our body through stool it rots, ferments and decays inside and molds, viruses, fungus grows inside the intestines. As you know your body is made of what you ate. Our intestines have millions of tiny finger like projections called villi, when we eat denatured complex dead foods they stick inside our intestines in the form of waste over the years a thick coating of waste is formed on the walls of our intestines the villi absorbs whatever is stuck to it and transport it to the blood stream this waste in blood stream surrounds different organs and blocks their functioning and we call it disease if it sticks to the layers in our skin, we call it acne, eczema, psoriasis. So by taking out this waste, these toxins many diseases will be automatically cured.

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